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Changing of the guard for Doctor Who

This was mostly already known, just today it’s finally happened. After successfully re-engineering Doctor Who for a new audience, Russell T Davies has decided to hang up his hat as the series boss. He also set-up the successful spin-off Torchwood, not sure whether he’s staying for that or not.

And the new showrunner? This actually excites me even more than Davies work, already …

Steven Moffatt is the new showrunner. Just click through for IMDB and you’ll see who I mean.

I’ve been a huge fan of Moffatt ever since I was an avid viewer of his youth series “Press Gang” when I was in high school. Since then, I’ve also enjoyed “Coupling” (probably the best straight out live action sitcom of the last decade), and his recent version of Jekyll was good as well.

And his Doctor Who episodes in recent years … he’s written most of the best episodes of the show already (second only to the work Davies himself did establishing things). “The Empty Child”, “The Doctor Dances”, “The Girl in the Mirror” and “Blink” are some of my favourites from the new series, and have won many awards between them.

And I’ll still rave nearly 20 years later about how good “Press Gang” is! So this is an exceedingly good choice to continue the show.

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