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Good parenting

Went to a special event at the local community hall tonight that was basically for parents who have kids that are near school age. Various education department people were there, as well as social worker types, as it was geared towards parents of kids with “special needs” of any description.

And whether we like to think about it or not, Will has various special needs. Of course, part of the situation is working out exactly what they will be, but fortunately they’re getting less and less everyday –> ie: he’s becoming more and more of a “normal” kid, the older he gets. Which is all good.

What struck me tonight is that I so often don’t get to go to these events. Most Doctor and social worker things are during the week, or weekdays, so I’m not there anywhere near as much as I’d like.

And tonight even, it was mostly mothers. As Sallie mentioned to me, most other halfs were probably looking after the kids, but still, it seems like mothers rule the roost.

Not really judging anyone, except myself, here. But I liked being there tonight, and I’d like to be there more often in the future. It’s what good parenting is all about.

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