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Nice ways to cheat in WordPress

One of the things I’ve really found helpful since blogging with WordPress is the way you can write a post and then backdate it however you like. It’s usually possible in other blog software as well, but WordPress, as always, makes it easier.

But damn, things are getting hectic and frustrating during the week, at least in a professional sense. I find myself wanting to only spend time with Will and Alex in the night, and with all the time away from home, it’s harder to get much else done. I’ll fit it in somewhere, because I have to.

Have made a small start on a longer (but not really that long), fiction project, but the biggest problem is starting too late at night and finding the exhaustion set in by mid week.

But again, it’s something I’ll do because I have to. What else could I do?

(And sometimes other things get put off, sometimes because I just don’t even think of doing it (hint: look at the title).)

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