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Hoo haa over what exactly?

There’s a few stories today about the supposed moral outrage over a 16-year-old model appearing topless in a fashion art magazine. Not sure what the big deal is really.

While we all agree that the sexualisation of kids is not a good thing, no one really sees a 16-year-old as a kid anymore. A 16-year-old can do an enormous amount of things quite legally (but not everything, yes). And I managed to find the pics in question here, and they’re not even sexual — rather boring art all the way there.

I do remember a 16-year-old appearing in Hustler in the mid-90s, and those would definitely have been more sexual images. Sure there was outrage then too, but apparently it was quite legal, and no one threatened to have them investigated, from memory at least (though Australian Hustler didn’t last for too long anyway). But in this case, the “Classifications Board” is having this art mag “investigated”, whatever that means.

Again, I can imagine authorities have better things to do with their time, especially when it comes to more realistic and serious cases involving child abuse. I won’t say having a topless 16-year-old model is a great thing, but I can’t work up any great moral outrage about it either.

And are we going to investigate the real abuse here? This poor girl is  named is Zippora Seven. I mean, what the hell is that all about?

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