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Is this blogging while drunk?

Probably not, no. It’s more likely “blogging while extremely tired, probably exhausted, and slightly tipsy”. I’m not much of a boozer, I admit it.

Watched the league test tonight at the League’s Club with my brother and a couple of his matest tonight. Drinks were cheap, food was cheap too (thankfully), and the whole night was pretty good. The game had some exciting moments, but was about as competitive as most figured (ie: not at all). Given than, 28-12 was actually a good score!

I can even post at real time tonight because I actually managed to post earlier today, just for a change. That’s certainly a new one.

A fairly large brawl went down at this mostly empty club soon after the game ended. Surprised the hell out of us, and caused a bit of a ruckus, but blew over quite quickly. Then about 10 cops arrived, which led to the interesting circumstance of both Wayne and I being questioned briefly by the cops. It was a little odd to be presumed guilty somehow, even for only a brief period.

Work today even seemed good, somewhat.

Anyway, sleep now … of course 🙂

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