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Diverting channels

I am really hating Channel Ten right now, despite it seeming to be the most common commercial network that I watch. Because so much of their schedule is shit, yet just enough of it holds my interest.

But their advertising — endless bullshit plugs for Big Brother that are so annoying they almost make me regret my interest in other shows they have on. I pick the tiny percentage I like, then get bombarded with the bigger percentage of stuff I hate.

And they wonder why more and more people are turning to torrents …

Sleep … need sleep … (my impersonation of a sleep zombie, a supernatural creature I just invented) …

And my Ubuntu laptop (very old hardware) was making very weird noises, so much so I shut it off and did the blog on the windows PC — which was odd and annoying, as I still won’t be able to replace it yet. Not a good time if anything goes wrong.

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