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It’s just too late

Read on 37 Signals blog today about their thoughts on sleep deprivation, lack of sleep, and generally the good reasons to get a good night sleep. And I agreed with all of it, in a practical sense.

But … (And there’s always a but) … it seems like advice that, while obviously true, will work for them better than most. They largely work from home, or at least near home. They’re in their perfect jobs already, and they are talking about sleeping well while working.

But for others, when you have to commute, are working long hours anyway, then getting any number of other projects done in your spare time as well, it’s so often the sleep that goes missing instead.

It’s not a good situation, but it strikes me, to reach the 37signals ideal, you really need to have the other aspects of your career path working well first.

Which brings me to the title … it’s too late, I’ve slept so little already this week and it’s only Wednesday tomorrow, and I really need sleep now 🙂

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