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Let’s see now …

Another tough one today. Still not getting into the writing as I’d like to, and there’s no one to blame but myself. I know that.

Clear skies again fortunately, but it’s suddenly got really cold … insanely so for only April. Hate to see what it will be like in July. Then again, it might be Summer for all I know.

There are issues I’m having right now that I won’t go through here. Professional ones of course, which makes things either easier or harder, depending on things. What I really need to do is something different, rather than the obvious.

Here’s a nice video from Clay Shirky, a noted NYU academic, Internet writer, and my favourite Second Life critic. A talk at the Web 2.0 conference last week, he goes on about TV as coping mechanism for the information age, and what we cna do to change that.

Really interesting stuff, not the sort of “TV sucks” thing either, but a really interesting thing that talks about what even a small change in habits can effect, and where mass media use and activity is definitely going in the future.

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