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Sun, football and back to work

It’s late so there isn’t much to say for now. Woke up in Nelson Bay, another really nice day, and we headed to the beach again. But the water was still dirty and it was surprisingly hot. We didn’t last more than a half hour before heading back to pack up and head home.

Listened to the Wests game in the car as we drove back to Sydney, rather than watching it. Hell of a topsy-turvy game, but somehow we came out on top again with a 20-16 win. A couple of our players made the rep teams (Hodgson, Heighington and Gibbs), but less than expected. No matter — hopefully that will just spur them to play better. The season is suddenly looking good again, with Marshall back, Matt Head looking to have some form, and hopefully Robbie Farah back soon. If these guys can stay healthy (sadly slightly long odds), we might have something here again …

Back to work tomorrow … all sorts of challenges there. Some new business deals coming along, and I really have to convince them to change the tech. But I don’t like the odds there … it’s going to be a big question for the long term.

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