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Review: Robot Chicken Season 1 or Pop Culture geekery at crack speed

Miracle of miracles today … good weather! Found out today that there had been 13 days straight of rain before now, which I was also reminded coincided exactly with school holidays. But finally, today was actually pretty nice, so after the usual morning difficulties we headed to the beach. The water was kind of dirty, but the weather was nice, the sand was nice, and Will got to have a Pixar cake on the beach again, which I already know was his highlight 🙂

After the TV aerial failed somehow, we sat down to some Daily Show downloads, then we finally checked out (most) of season one of Robot Chicken that I picked up on DVD a few weeks ago.

And what a bunch of mad bastards they are. Pop culture on crack is the best way to describe it … action figure animation drawing in more references than you can possibly imagine — ads, TV, movies, cartoons, comics. Bawdy and dirty sometimes, sometimes so so, sometimes hysterical. Somer seriously all-star voices dropping in, anchored by Seth Green and Matt Senreich.

Overall, very funny stuff, with surprisingly good animation and some very inventive send-ups.

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