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If the weather doesn’t improve …

After usually averaging at least a year between visits, we’re back to Nelson Bay this weekend with only a month’s gap since the last trip. It’s a three day weekend, so should be a good relaxing time.

Except, the weather is still nightmarish, possibly worse now than earlier in the week. Who can I blame for this … !?!?!?!

We were promised an improvement in the weather by today or tomorrow, finally, after two weeks of crap, but it still doesn’t look good. I’d prefer nicer weather, but really don’t care that much, since I like the place, it relaxes me, and we can have a good time anyway. And besides, three day weekends are hard to come by straight after starting a new job.

Hopefully I’ll get some writing done when I’m up there 🙂

Won’t post again until Sunday, but will writer remotely then log in later.

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