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Birthday boy

Will turned four today, and he had a pretty good day, even though he’s still not that well. Woke him up early for kindergarten this morning, the weather was hideous again, but we high-tailed it through the rain when I dropped him off at kindy and he seemed happy enough.

Apparently the day was good there for him — all his kindy friends had cake for lunch but he didn’t … which is typical really, so no big issue. I ended up going out to a lunch to farewell a new colleague, and it was a huge Chinese affair that was all paid for, which was good.

Tonight, had a friend over and we all went to the Wenty Leagues for dinner for Will. He was tired as by then, but still seemed to enjoy himself. Chicken for all (nuggets and schnitzel). Quiet night otherwise.

The TV streaming through the Wii doesn’t work for reasons I don’t get, and I’m either going to have to start burning DVDs again or re-setup the computer to make things work again. It’s frustrating as hell, especialy when all the literature tells me it should be easy. If I had my way, and the money, I’d replace all computers in the house.

This is sounding more like a straight-out diary, isn’t it?

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