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Logos and musical intelligence

The job goes on nicely, and the bad weather goes on not so nicely. So some different things:

A nice story today that goes into the behind the scenes details of how the unique production company logo is created for the end of every episode of Battlestar Galactica. It’s starting its 4th season in the US (I’d download it but I’m still stranded back in the 2nd season :L). Unlike most shows which just show the same thing at best, at the end of Galactica, unique animations at the end of each episode show creators Ron Moore and David Eick attacking each other in various creative ways.

It’s a bizarre idea in some ways, but really, it’s creative devotion, unlike any other show I”ve heard of, and it’s just another magnificent piece of effort by great storytellers. Check out the season 1 highlight reel: (Warning, can get a little gory, but only in a Road Runner cartoon kind of way!)

Ubuntu and Linux are going well, according to Mark Shuttleworth and the BBC, which is always good to hear. Have had some thoughts on what I could do there business-wise, but haven’t gone far, naturally. Even though I get home quite early from the new job, there never seems to be that much time.

Off to get some new Daily Shows, then need sleep 🙂

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