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Weekends can’t come soon enough

And not because the job sucks or anything … far from it really. But when you just push the envelope for so much of the week, working so long, sleeping so little, trying to manage any number of other things … well, you just want the weekend so you can slow down.

But then there’s usually 50 more things to do on the weekend … 🙂

Watched “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” tonight. Still a pretty good movie, but not as truly amazing as the original one, which is probably something you can say about any sequel. This one covers some interesting history, and seemed quite accurate in its retelling, but I don’t know it all.

Good cast of course — I expect I could watch Cate Blanchett in anything now, which should make the new Indiana Jones movie very interesting …

Way too late now … expect to play more Wii on the weekend, finish some woodworking, and am going to the DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist concert tomorrow.

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