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Gingery goodness

Made ginger beer again tonight — from about 10.30pm till midnight. An odd time to do it, but it’s a process that’s getting easier. With our perfected recipe, cleaning gear, and especially the magnificent Italian mechanical hand capper to cap the glass bottles, the whole process is getting quicker and quicker.

And it’s making a pretty good brew as well. We make it nearly every week, or at least every two weeks now, and we basically never run out. At firs the problem was under fermenting, but last weekend we discovered what over-fermenting is all about. It probably sat there for too long in the garage, but when I opened a bottle on the weekend it literally exploded out the top, spraying me and half the room. Two bottles exploded in the garage as well, which is never a good thing.

But we seem to have it under control. And it’s worth it, because ginger beer is good stuff, it’s easy to make, and while it may still have sugar in it, it’s less than commercial soft drink, and drink you make yourself is just … better all round.

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