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Holiday nearly over … no …

Quiet enough day today, with that sinking feeling coming over me that the holiday is nearly over. I know it’s not really that bad (especially with just a week left of the current job), but it can’t help but feeling a bit blah anyway.

Backend-wise, the blog is becoming seriously annoying right now. I thought republishing Blogger on my new server would be easy, but it’s a pain, at least in terms of the rss feed and archive. The whole old system is driving me nuts, but then again, WordPress issues are driving me nuts as well … specifically its inability to import from Blogger correctly, or at least from my Blogger correctly. There’s a helpful import and everything, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Oh well, unless I can get a break there, I might just switch to WordPress and leave the old site as an archive. But I’ll be posting a new version of that Underbelly feature (pictures and all!) if nothing else.

Otherwise, been playing with Will and Alex, messing with some MAME stuff on Ubuntu (finally got it working on the spare machine!) and thinking about my next couple of computer and/or woodworking projects … for when I finally hae some more cash.

And there’s those other mysterious possibilities of course …

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