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Easter Show day …

Took the family to the Royal Easter Show today. Hottest day in the whole Summer season most likely, and we all felt it by the end.

Mostly quite a fun day, but a little weird at times. I’m probably feeling a little too old for much of the attractions now, but the kids are probably still a little young.

Will was terrified by the animals for some reason we can’t work out. It started with the chickens and birds we know he doesn’t like, but it continued on with pigs, cows, goats and everything else they had. It all seemed to scare the bejezzus our of him for some reason. It didn’t help that he hadn’t eatern properly all day and was really hot, but that’s how it went. Alex loved the animals though, and everything else we put in front of him.

Sometimes it’s a great bit of family fun, but other things the show just seems like a cheap sell-fest. The art, craft and food pavilions were probably the most interesting things for me, especially the art and woodworking. When the kids got out of the stroller for a play that was fun too.

Thank bloody goodness we brought a lot of food and drink — the prices were nuts. Showbags were ok price wise, but they hardly interest me now. One bag each for the kids, some chocolate and food ones for us, and that was it.

We decided that it was a fun day, but we’re not likely to go again for a few years. Not sure if this is another phobia to add to the list for Will, but he has several relatives that would like to help him out of it 🙂

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