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The Neverending sauce bottle

Made a stir fry tonight, and it reminded me of something very odd. We have a large bottle of Chinese Sweet Soy Sauce … that just won’t ever finish.

This is the fourth house I’ve cooked with this sauce in, and it’s lasted nearly five years now. We bought it from a small Chinese grocery in Canberra sometime in 2003, and it’s lived with us there, at Newtown, then Westmead and now here in Wentworthville.

It’s a thick sauce that probably only has a small amount used each time, but it still doesn’t explain how it’s lasted so long.

I figure it’s probably an enchanted sauce, created by a mystical Chinese shaman and designed never to end. Or of course, it’s just very thick and we’ve been careful with it.

Fortunately of course, it does taste good, and makes good stir frys. Which is I guess all that matters …

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