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Run Tigers Run

A double-header of entertainment today, with a trip to Moore Park to watch the Wests vs St George NRL game; the first round of the season. Went with Sallie and Wayne for that one, then just Sallie after for dinner and a movie — the Simon Pegg comedy “Run Fatboy Run”, which was pretty damn funny, with a lot of highlights with Pegg and costar Dylan Moran.

The football went mostly well, with Wests taking in a solid 24-16 win the start the season. Started badly, with Benji Marshall going down injured again in five minutes, but Wests ended up blowing out to a 24-4 lead anyway — didn’t really see that coming. Then naturally they had to almost blow it with St George back before losing 24-16. Ultimately, Wests were solid but not brilliant, with the usual guys like Hodgson (who’s kicking goals well again) and Farah playing very well. Good start to the season, and better they get used to being without Marshall now I guess.

Run Fatboy Run is a damn funny movie, which is what we expected with Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran (both of whom Sallie probably likes way more than I do!) funny as always, and good performances from Thandie Newtown and Hank Azaria, along with various fun British comedy cameos. It evokes some of that Richard Curtis British comedy vibe, but is so much better than that stuff in so many ways. Example — in Fatboy, the characters are not all white! It’s a little thing, but it makes this far more real, with a greater setup of the humour as well. And the story was more believable as well, with some great funny beats, but a more realistic conclusion.

So Fatboy, tops, Tigers pretty good, good day overall. Quite expensive, so I’m glad the day was a gift from the parents for my birthday. Fun, fun, fun!

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