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Damn Google … or Optus … or something …

It is so incredibly annoying when things don’t work properly. Especially when you don’t even know what it is that’s stopped working.

Since at least yesterday morning, my blog posts have gone a bit weird. Can’t get any images to upload properly (missing my wonderful image of the Deschanel sisters from the previous post!), and posts themselves, while being added to the index, aren’t having their unique page created.

If I could blame Blogger I would, but there’s no info and I’m sure others would be affected. If I could blame Optus I would, but why would their servers just stop accepting images (wondering if it’s an issue with *new* files, since the index is an existing file being updated).

Anyway … it’s annoying! And it’s giving me some serious trouble with posting my big Underbelly feature before Wednesday, when the series premieres.

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