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Cloverfield review OR Blowing up New York is back in style

Checked out Cloverfield tonight — and was quite impressed. Seems as if it’s OK again to start trashing New York on film again if this is anything to go by.

Cloverfield is smart, stylish and funny when it needed to be. It’s pretty damn scary at times too, offering a unique perspective on the moster/horror/disaster movie by taking a “Cthulu thing destroys Manhattan” story and putting it into a “Blair Witch” style home video arrangement.

The video stylings were well done and authentic, the acting was natural and worked in the scenario, and some of the action was damn impressive for a relatively low budget.

It’s late now, so Cloverfield is worth seeing for anyone who enjoys a good thrill ride of dark action, with grim monster stylings thrown in. 8.5/10.

That was my first big-screen movie of the year, and with a free pass no less. Now I just need to make this happen more often.

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