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Someone told me this was a public holiday …

Australia Day today, where we’re all supposed to wave flags and say “yay!” or something like that. Wanted to keep a lowish profile, but instead the misses had us all up early and off the Paddy’s Markets and Flemington.

This was about what I thought it would be sadly … crowded, busy and crazy. I never argued with the food we got — fresh and in bulk — which Sallie is going to do a heap with, but the place was almost downright dangerous, especially with small kids. I was content to wait outside with Alex in the end, after one dodge and one close encounter too many.

But the food should be good, which is all that matters. I joke with Sallie that she’s getting into canning and food preserving so that we can be all set for the inevitable downfall of society, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to cut down on our food bill by making up our own tomato sauces for pasta, jams and a few other things. While I like cooking this is Sallie’s area really, but I’m happy to go along with it. Though I really wish she had her licence so she could take herself to certain things.

The brother came over for an earlier dinner tonight. I stopped in Bunnings for some wood and tool supplies (photos on the woodworking projects here soon), and then Wayne was here. Made our specialist mushroom with pasta (it only works with expensive wild mushrooms that were cheap today), and then Wayne made me prove once again how much him and computers don’t mix.

More on that tomorrow — think there’s a whole new project to be had with his messed up laptop. I’m determined to introduce him to Ubuntu. Which I’m scared he will somehow create a way to mess up anyway!

Australia Day — apparently not a day to sit back and party! It’s all about action …

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