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I was really working, honestly …

Spent much of the day working from home today, which despite the impression that most people have, really is actually working.

I mean, if your work is usually about sitting in a centralised office, using a computer, especially when it’s all Internet-based stuff, then you can work from home too. Of course, while I’m glad my work affords me the opportunity, I can’t help but feel like I should be doing it more often as well.

You get some pretty obvious advantages too: Started out at about the normal time, but was able to be leisurely about it — no rushing for the train, no waiting until 11am for breakfast. Was able to feed Alex this morning as well, which is fun. All day long, even though I’m working, I can see the kids, talk to the kids, and talk to Sallie as well. I can get up from time to time, do other things here and there, and not miss anything from work people. Good stuff.

Then when the work da is over … I’m home already. In the summer especially, that means hours more to do all sorts of things, instead of more bullshit commuting.

Doubt I could avoid the office altogether, or would want to really (especially in my current day job), but it’s a lifestyle worth having more of, especially when I sometimes feel superfluous in the office, or just downright more distracted.

Of course, it’s all a prelude to my prefererd full time career, which is work at home all the time (unless you take the method of some authors and have an office out of home). Fun times to come 🙂

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