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Off for a couple of days

Heading out of the office within the hour for a two day work trip. Nothing that special, in as much as every person in the company is going with me, but it should be fun.

I’ve never worked for a company that did something like this on a regular basis for everyone, so that’s good, but then again, not sure if it makes everything else perfect 🙂 Either way, should be a good time, despite the fact we’re going to a beach side resort and the weather is just terrible — rain, high winds, cold (for January, at least). Will be away from the family for a couple of days, which doesn’t happen often, but I think we’ll all survive … did try to explain to Will where I was going to be for the next few days, not sure if he got it or not.

Also remembered that I won’t post tomorrow, though I’ve posted everyday this year so far. Think I might write down some stuff when I’m up there then backdate a post on Saturday night 🙂

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