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Invading Europe on the cheap

Not quite what it sounds like, but I do like this video. Via Slashdot and Kevin Kelly, this video shows how three graphic designers with just a few costumes, some rop, a digital video camera and their design skills and equipment, manage to convincingly restage the D-Day Landings on Omaha Beach.

While I think Kelly overstates it slightly — these guys aren’t amateurs at all, but highly skilled pros making this project for television — the points still stand. With prosumer-level cameras, computer equipment and software, very professional work can be achieved if you have the time and skills necessary. Huge battles and crowd scenes can be done with very little major resources.

This brings the usual cries of “Hollywood is dead! Amateurs rule!” but I think this misses the point. I think we’re a few years away from that (if we ever get there), but what this does show is how industries like Australia’s (small, but skilled and pro) could really expand what it creates, without any kind of Hollywood budget at all. We don’t have to restrict ourselves.

Anyway, check out the D-Day video:

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