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Get famous from MySpace in a whole new way

Read this story if you don’t know it yet. While on the one hand it’s quite amusing, because it shows that quite clearly, no matter how much kids think they’re computer savvy, many of them really don’t understand the power of social networking, but on the other hand, this kid is clearly a little turd (who will hopefully grow out of that eventually though) who still sees no problem with what he did and has expressed not the slightest amount of remorse.

And no doubt there were probably elements of the police who overreacted in various ways. I don’t blame the neighbours for calling the cops (500 drunken teenagers marauding through your street?) but these situations can always go bad. Hell, it could easily have been worse I guess.

But there’s one thing I don’t get. After having watched this story reverberate through seemingly every media outlet in the country today, it’s just become pathetic. Images of dozens of cameras and reporters staking out this kid and his mates while they mug for the cameras just seems to be missing the point. I thought the days had long passed when these little dumbshits to get their 15 minutes of fame for being thick (or worse).

But here we are again: this kid has been an idiot, and his reward has been to get on every TV channel and newspaper in the country.

Bet this whole thing has done wonders for his MySpace friend count.

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