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Re-evaluation time

Clearly I’m not updating here like I should. This site does need a whole redesign now, and a completely re-evaluation of what should be here and how much time I can put into it.

Funny thing is, I’m putting more on other sites, with my profile at and my account at Facebook, not to mention the work I’m doing at and

It’s all good, but I really need to work out what I’m doing with this place!

Will is good — he’s saying more words everyday. Such a smart little guy 🙂

Alex is growing all the time, such a big and noisy boy!

Sallie and I are good, but we’re wishing there was a few things we could do …

Really, things are generally good, but I’ll have to work out the options for this place. Should probably work out the auto-options for my account and whichever photo stream I plan to keep using (Webshots or Flickr).

A lot of good options, and plenty of time really … use the tools out there!

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