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It’s been way too long, but lots of good news :)

It’s been way too long for this site. Way, way too long…

Too long to the point that nearly everything is out of date and I’m posting more things on alternate Web sites now.

I have a new job, I am married, and I have just had another child 🙂 Of course, anyone who actually knows me will know all this already, but there’s been no updates here.

This site will be completely redesigned very soon…

In the meantime, this is what I sent out to friends and family via e-mail:

Hi all,

I just thought I’d send through a little reminder of where I’ve been for the last few days.

Alexander David Wright Turner was born on Thursday morning, November 9, at 10.32am. He weighed 4.8kg (yes, a big baby!) and is doing very well, as is his mother. Sallie has been in hospital since Thursday, but should be coming home today (Monday — due to having a c-section), which is a major reason why I won’t be back at work until later this week at least.

Alex has been doing great so far (a completely different experience for us after our first son had many problems), so while it will be hard to rest, it’s a really good time. His older brother William was a bit shocked at first, but seems to be taking things well now.

I’ve uploaded a few pictures to Webshots, just to let you see how he is. You can view them here:

Image hosted by
by SteveT_AU

(Click on the pic for the much larger version 🙂

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