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Merry Christmas from a Happy Little Man!

WilliamMostly 005
Originally uploaded by StephenATurner.

Merry Christmas from William, and Stephen, and Sallie 🙂

I really can and should post more here, I know… always try to be busy, always try to be relevant. New plans happening now though…

(Actually… my post count hasn’t been too bad recently. Not BoingBoing level prolific or anything, but there’s been a few…)

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  1. Carole Lee
    Carole Lee January 26, 2006

    I’m not sure how to do this but here goes. You are so blessed with this beautiful little boy. Dear Stephen and Sally you are always in my prayers and thank you for giving your Mum and Dad this wonderful gift of a grandson.
    Much love Carole
    PS: What is a blogger?

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