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It’s Been Way Too Long…

Just imagine the title there sung very loudly and way off key…

Too long between posts once again, and certainly a few things are happening. William is in hospital again unfortunately, with a urinary infection. He should be fine, but it’s likely to be a couple more days before he comes home.

We’re in that mid-year financial hump period again, where there’s not enough money for anything right now, but within a month or so the tax returns should be done so that there will be suddenly plenty to go around for a few months.

Somehow all I can think about on that front is debt repayment, finally an iPod, and some new computer parts, which will mean all kinds of stuff can be done, including Second Life, definitely the most innovative and interesting sounding online RPG environment out there.

And of course, favours for all, including a new cot for William, and many other things šŸ™‚

This is clearly what you do when you’re penniless… dream about windfalls to come… (or think about a new job šŸ™‚ … anyone at my work, please disregard that…)

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