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Interesting couple of weeks. Seems like though, unlike the rest of the Internet, I haven’t been intent on posting things on my site. A little slow on the creative front as well, but I’ve definitely been preoccupied…

But I’ve been having plenty of fun though. Saw 1200 Techniques and Machine Gun Fellatio at a free concert at Fox Studios recently. Great time – 1200 Tech are brilliant live.

Went to the second annual Ozcomics barbeque out at my friend Tim McEwan’s place. Excellent day of food and cricket and comic talk. Met lots of comic people. That definitely won’t be the end of my times with them (convention soon…)

Finally saw the last Lord of the Rings movie last weekend – just a couple of days before it went and won all those Oscars. Probably the last person on earth to see it that actually wanted to… but damn it was worth it šŸ™‚

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