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So much to do, plenty of time really. I really know that things are picking up now. Read an article about “How to sell your book with your blogger”. Simultaneously annoying and fascinating. Great to see people getting their worthy creativity out there, but annoying when it’s gimmicky shit or “books about blogging” which are nothing but self important shit. Gives me some ideas of my own, will have to look into them.

Continuing with the novel, though with Christmas and the rampant packing, it’s no surprise that I haven’t done a lot. This will change drastically in early January after we’re settled in, especially since I’m taking a week or two holiday. Work hard and I’ll finish it by Feb/March. The on to the Newtown police thriller.

Want to look at “Artful Chaos” again. Graphic novels and history – I keep thinking it can work, but I always strike upon the funding needed and my lack of, and the question of whether there’s any real interest in comics in Australia at all. Need to work out a multi-year plan and really get the organisation going – before I actually write anything. But it has a some serious potential, I know it. And I need to get the script for Hunting Ground finally done, even though I know it’s hard as hell to get the story right (it isn’t just laziness that’s stopped me from doing it this year!) I do this before I start another novel.

All kinds of stuff happening, and more to happen. And I need to keep this blog more up to date… it’s not like there isn’t enough to put here 🙂

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