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Christmas has just come and gone, and once again I realise that I don’t update this as often as I might. The new website is working nicely for me, but I suppose I haven’t told that many people about it, so it’s not surprising that the hits aren’t through the roof. But I like it, which is most important for now. Think it will get more of an outing when I put MEENA online in January.

Nice quiet, basically uneventful Christmas. Went up to Sydney with Sallie to spend Christmas with the family. Got lots of clothes mostly, and a DVD of Irish rock history from the brother. Will get something from Sallie when she’s more cashed up in the next few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice couple of days to relax, since all other times outside of it are hardly relaxing at all (see below.) Playing some Playstation stuff again, a little of the newer PS2 Tony Hawk 4 on Wayne’s machine, so I came home tonight and played some of the original game that I own – first time in several years. Oddly familiar already, both entertaining and annoying…

But at least we’re finally moving. There. It’s happening. Going back to Sydney, already found a nice enough house in Newtown. Not an enormous distance from where we used to live there, but a definite improvement. There’s some dispute over when I will start, but I appear to definitely have a transfer to the Sydney office for my current job, which is a good thing. Never had that much of a problem with the job, just hated where I lived. It will be a little odd to be back in town but still doing basically the same job, but it’s so totally what I want. It will also be an odd feeling to suddenly have all the Sydney options available to me again, with all the inherit fun. Can’t wait…

And we will be finding a roommate. $120 a week. Top floor private room. Good part of Newtown. Close to everything. Anyone interested ๐Ÿ™‚

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