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Finally we’re staying in our new home for an entire weekend… instead of driving back to Sydney for one reason or another. This should give me some time to write among other things… though I still think much of my time will be unpacking, cleaning house and working out where things should go.

There’s a few fun things to do around here. We went to the local shopping centre and got a few things, and joined the local Club. Might even join the gym there – finally get some more exercise since I’m not even really walking much now! There’s an exhibition at the National Library that is nearly over – we really have to see it. It’s on great historical documents and books – definitely worth seeing.

I think I’ll even be getting ADSL internet access set up soon. Netspace is the way to go it looks like – only $239 to setup and $70 a month for 3Gig. Way better than Telstra… and finally I’ll have fast and permanent Internet access.

But it’s my writing I really want to get back to this weekend 🙂

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