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Well that little vent was a few hours ago now. But a lot has happened in the last month. Very little of it writing related unfortunately, but it’s packed my schedule just the same.

In the space of a month, I have got myself a new, nicely paying day job, and moved to a new city. I now live in sunny (but very often cold), Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. The capital of my fair (well, unfair right now,) nation. I work for a mob called IDP Education Australia (hi there if they’re reading this – I think this site may have helped my get the job – or at least provided some vague amusement.) My job is similar to the old one, in that it’s about web writing, design and publishing. This time, IDP is a company that provides educational services to foreign students coming to Australia to study. Interesting enough so far I guess – it’s about exactly what I was wishing for in my last post.

But the moving has been far more traumatic. Canberra is only three hours from Sydney, but moving has been a total bitch. It took days to pack and will takes days or weeks to unpack – which makes writing kind of hard to prioritise.

To make matters even worse, my computer has been down for nearly two weeks! I moved it down here and had the power supply blow up on me almost straight away! So from when I started my job (Jan 21) until now, I’ve had no home Internet access. But at least that problem is over now.

Getting worse still – my car died as well. As nice as having an Audi sounds, it was a very bad decision. After a series of problems, it completely died 100km down the freeway back to Canberra (after a weekend in Sydney,) meaning I had to pay $300 to tow it, and am now facing a $2000+ cost to fix the completely dead transmission. It has to be paid – but I so want to get rid of this car now for something cheaper and easier to repair.

And don’t even ask me about money – the credit card debt is really mounting up this month – see above for most of the reason.

But don’t think it’s all bad though… living in a new city is fun (not that we’ve done much here yet.) There’s almost no traffic, driving is a breeze (I can get home from work by 5:20pm,) and the climate is nice.

My new house is just amazing – a four bedroom palace that costs less than my old shoebox in Newtown. We might have to drive a little more to get to stuff (but again, that’s easier now,) but the house is so worth it. When we have the place completely unpacked, living here should be great.

So much to say… so much to do. But all I really want to do is write. I should be able to get back into the rhythm really soon now. It’s all I want to really do.

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