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Again, long time no update. Novel progress has been slow due to sickness then Christmas, but the pace is still good. It’s the last day of the year and it’s probably a good thing. While I’ve had some good times and success with my writing career, overall I’d have to admit it hasn’t been much of a year on most fronts. I did lose my job (which is mostly bad, but has some good,) and of course the world scene, while having little impact on me personally, hasn’t been much good to watch.

Next year, I hope to not only get published, but really establish my writing career. I want to move out of Sydney (Canberra most likely – cheaper, quieter and cooler, but still hi-tech and very modern,) and get a job that pays well but doesn’t tax me beyond regular hours. All the better to purse my writing of course!

I think I can finish this current novel by Easter (which will be an unbelievable improvement over the first one!) then I plan to write another book before the end of 2002. Additionally, I have one magazine feature I’m definitely doing, and several more I would like to write. I want to get into comics more (short works only – the first one will be online in a matter of days,) and anything else that comes up will be welcomed if I can fit it in! This site will get a tonne more content as well – all in good time of course!

So to everyone out there (I know a few people check by here!) have a Happy New Year, stay safe, stay well and hopefully everything gets better for us all!

Steve – signing off right here from 2001.

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