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Finished my full-time job yesterday. Nothing tearful or anything, more excitement and relief than anything else. Sorry to go, but glad not to stay (if that makes sense.)

For some reason, I will share here to email that I sent to my work colleagues that imparts my future plans. Plans that will naturally form the centre of this site:

And so it’s time …

… to say goodbye.

That’s right. As I’m sure you all know now, today (Thursday)

is my last day at Fairfax. I’ve probably spoken to most of you today or

recently anyway, but as you know I wasn’t so happy to go at first, but

as I’ve got things in order I’m now happier and happier with what has


Leaving is giving me a real chance to make other things

happen tht I’ve been doing for a while anyway. I’m already writing several

articles for Empire movie magazine, I have several fiction projects

looking very promising (close to publishers and all that,) and plenty of

other things.

And yes, I may just move out of Sydney as well – Canberra or

nearby maybe. Or I may not 🙂 Somewhere other than my current house


Of course, if any large dinner goes ahead in September when

Hattie returns from her travels, I’d love to be involved in that.

Hope to see current and former smh people there. The email address at the

bottom is the place to get me.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the last two years especially Tom, Hattie, Mike G (all gone already, naturally!) – and Stephen H, Sean…. Carlos, Rob, Kim and Aysha for all those

entertaining evening shifts – and thanks everyone else as well!

You can always get me at my now and future email address (always thought having your own domain looked good!)

Bye all, and hope everything at goes well.


Stephen Turner.

Former SMH Web Producer.


I will still visit:


Really 🙂

So I guess that totally gives away my former employers, but it also lauches me into the future right here. I know the audience on this won’t be great yet, but as things happen to me, I know it will build up.

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