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So that was Back to the Future day…

It’s been Back to the Future mania all day online, as every news outlet and company on earth sought to tie into the fact that today, October 21 2015, is the day that Mary McFly jumps to in Back to the Future 2. And it’s ranged from the predictable to the weird to the fun, but whatever people enjoy I guess…

Anyway, we had peak Back to the Future last year now, as Alex spent most of 2014 obsessed with the movies and related media, even up to his birthday last year where he got a Delorean model car and had a themed birthday.

So since last year was peak BTTF for us, it hasn’t seemed like much of a thing for us (we’ve moved on to tornadoes and extreme weather now, or at least Alex has!) but here’s a few fun things I made last year.

I made several invitations for Alex’s birthday, starting with this one:

Back to the Future invitation template

Click on the link and take a look yourself, I uploaded the template version with blank spaces for all the relevant details.

And on his birthday itself I made this:


alex 8th card

Click on the image to open a PDF of the whole thing. I was happy with it then and I’m happy with it now.

Not only that, I got the Lego BTTF set which Alex went completely wild over:

Alex and Back to the Future

And that was a present for me!

That has been Back to the Future day, celebrated as Back to the Future year last year by the Turner family and we’re not sure where we will go obsession wise next 🙂




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