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And we’re back home, and it’s so quiet…

So we’re back home now. We got home on Friday night and had the weekend to readjust and now things are basically back to normal. And it’s kind of hard to make that adjustment…

It was only two weeks away, but it’s such a different place to be, and such a different situation to be in. You feel a different way, you do different things. You have a certain set of worries, but they’re unique ones, and you don’t worry about the usual everyday concerns that you do at home (like work, and money).

So now I’m back home and it’s just different. It’s quiet. It’s less exciting. I’ll get back into the groove no doubt, but it will take a few days. And that’s a few days of actual work, not the weekend, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, anyone who looks at the blog will notice the holiday entries stopped when we got to Melbourne. I wasn’t 100% well at the time, but I also did a two day work conference, as well as all the fun stuff. And I took a lot of pictures as well. So what I’m going to do is my old trick of backdating a lot of entries to actually correspond to the days we did things. Most of them will be photo entries, mostly to Flickr galleries so that my new camera pics can be shown off.

So in the next day or two there will suddenly be more entries to fill out the holiday, if you’re interested. Should be some nice viewing — I’m very impressed with my new camera and some of the locations I shot at. It will be nice to show these off.

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