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The Day of the Doctor


Early start this morning for this big 50th anniversary show. We have a terrible ABC picture so it wasn’t the most perfect circumstance to watch, but it was exciting to be up for it anyway, knowing we were watching at the same time as millions of others in the world. We watched it for a second time later on iView, catching several bit we missed (including the new Doctor cameo!) and not having to worry about reception issues.

And it really delivered. I have total faith in Steven Moffat and have for years, and this was fun, action packed, full of character and heart, and enough for the casual and the devoted far (we’re somewhere in between). The best scenes were with the three Doctors all together, and despite playing the same essential character, it was so clever to see how well they differentiated themselves and made themselves their own people.

The tie-ins to Time Lord history worked well, with some great past and present cameos, and when Tom Baker appeared…. well, even we applauded here 🙂

So, a lot of fun, and a great story to boot!

It also gave me some nostalgia as well… have enjoyed Doctor Who from way back… from my earliest viewing of Tom Baker’s Doctor in 1980s repeats, to my first real “proper fan” watching Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor in the late 80s. I was in my early teens then, and those stories seemed pretty damn good… so when the Doctor came back in 2005 we were right back into it. And here it is now… 50th anniversary, with a new Doctor on the way and plenty more years to come. Our boys are getting into it now (their viewing today was only tentative though), but I think they’re getting more into is as they get older. The fact the whole family can get into it is another thing that appeals…


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