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Iron Man 3 review

Went over to Tamworth today with Sallie and the two older boys to check out Iron Man 3 (and a few other things we could fit in). It’s the first Iron Man I’ve actually seen at the movies (well, not counting The Avengers of course) and none of us were disappointed!

It’s just really great fun, a consumate action adventure movie that really fits into the Avengers movie universe Marvel is building. Great cast as always, and some very entertaining twists that you really don’t see until they’re on you.

I know that a lot of the story was based on Warren Ellis’s Iron Man: Extremis graphic novel, and you can really see that in the story line. There’s at least one moment that’s just so odd yet so right, and I just thought to myself… “that’s an Ellis moment”.

Great action, performances and fun. Just what you need.

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