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Don’t cut my taxes!

In a society and a system where everything gets bigger — where prices go up, wages go up, consumption goes up, the economy goes up, why is it that the only thing we’ve decided should always go down is taxes? And just who do we think we are benefiting from this short-sightedness anyway?

Here’s a new one: Don’t cut my taxes!

I want society to be funded sufficiently. I want schools, hospitals, roads and bridges, and other civic institutions to be funded well, to allow a strong standard of living for all and an equal opportunity to start life for our nation’s young people.

I am sick of the selfishness. Every time we cut taxes we send the signal that it’s every person for themselves, that no one needs to fund the building blocks of society, and people should increasingly only look out for themselves. And in a variety of areas, we’re seeing the results of this.

So you know, I might not love having my taxes raised (but even that has to be necessary sometimes in our ever expanding society), but I certainly don’t see why they need to be cut!

So try saying that next time: Don’t cut my taxes!


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