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Leverage finale — the con to end the con

Finally got up to watching the last episode of Leverage season 5, also the last episode overall, the series finale. I’ve been a big fan of the show since it began (despite its lack of easy Australian airdates), and I’m the only person I know who’s ever been into it, so it seems like an obscure fandom. But I don’t care and have never cared about that.

Leverage has always been such great fun, so cleverly written and well acted, with such appealing characters and actors, a great variety of stories. Along with Sons of Anarchy it’s been my favourite show of the last five years, and also one of a handful of shows that I’ve never missed an episode of. And this finale was a great way to go.

It was one of those “summing up the series” kind of episodes, combined with a story that still looks to the future for the characters. There’s a great scam that at first seems really grim (and very final) but then gives way to a great way to end the series anyway.

As with all great series, sad to see it go, will collect as much as I can on the DVDs for the future. I admit I’d love to see some more of Parker somehow — definitely my favourite character!

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