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Watching good old things

Watched Return of the Jedi with (mostly) Alex this afternoon. Will and Lachie drop in and out for it, but it’s Alex that really loves this stuff. He’s there for every bit of action, every explosion and every exciting battle. Let’s just say it “moves” him!

He really loves to be scared, loves to be thrilled and loves to be excited by a good story and a great bit of action, what can I say? Yes, I can see where he got it from too…

And for myself, I’ve gone back to watch Veronica Mars new and again, starting with season two (which I’ve watched some but not all of). Inspired by the interest from the Kickstarter campaign (which I will put something to next week before it closes), I wanted to get back to this great show that I never quite got to watch all of.

And of course (in light of ny recent post) it’s right there on iTunes for a good price. It’s even better when Woolies has iTunes credit for 20% off, so the price improves even more. And finally, now that we have two Apple TV locations, well, I can watch it when and where I want…

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