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April Fools everywhere

April Fools Day is fast becoming the day to hide from the Internet. Google alone does about four different pranks across their properties, which though often funny, are never particularly believable. Everywhere you look, sites do mystery redesigns, Tweets are loaded with jokes, and every forum post has to be re-examined for the likelihood it’s a joke at all.

It’s just all pervasive, not often enough funny and never even slightly believable. The best one by far for me was author Charles Stross’s announcement about his foray into film — funny by itself for his fans, and better because for at least the first paragraph you wanted to believe it! Until you got to the Cypriot casinos and Russian bankers…

I have nothing against April Fools Day and I know that people want to enjoy it…. but like so much online it’s all-pervasive, and way too obvious. Come on people, a little more creativity!

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