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So it’s a Good Friday…

And I get to get up really late, listen to the radio, enjoy good weather with the boys, not have to worry about much, watch some footy on the NRL app, generally just have a good time, as a public holiday should be.

Then there’s this whole “well if you really believed them you’d be hiding under a rock” situation with North Korea. Ostensibly it’s all bullshit, but by the same token it could end up being desperately serious. We still assume they’re just talking to same crap they’ve always done, and while there’s no real threat to countries further afield, it is just a given that the crazy north could vaporize South Korea in a matter of days (even without nukes). And even if every other country is safe, this is something we really don’t want happening. Countries getting wiped out — bad economically, bad for world stability, bad, just because. Millions die, a war of sort breaks out. All very bad.

So let’s just hope that North Korea is still completely full of it anytime soon. There’s really no risk to us here (or the US or anywhere further afield), but if you look at what they’re saying, it’s really not a nice situation at all.

So, not to sound depressing or anything… it’s along weekend, I can do as much or as little as I like… it’s all good!

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