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The high concept fun of Mr and Mrs Murder


You don’t see much originality on Australian TV. Even when it’s good, it’s usually pretty familiar. That’s one of the first things that makes Mr and Mrs Murder so much fun. It’s high concept — something rarely seen from Australian TV makers. Sure it’s a mystery show at its heart, but the combination of the how and the why of the characters is very American high concept, in a good way.

Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart are great leads, personable, funny and clearly working very well together. The mysteries aren’t the main drawcard, but they’re varied and often crafty. The way the characters react to the story is the real drawcard, with humour and witty dialogue. And there’s always loads of familiar guest stars — Australian actors always need decent work!

So I think this one works pretty well. I full expect them to sell the show to the US — most likely for remake rights, because it really is a very US-network high concept idea. And good for them.

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