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A pretty routine work day got a bit odd at about 2pm when the power suddenly went out. Not that weird in itself, but basically, it didn’t come back. We checked the fuses, I checked at home, found the whole town was out, so that was that.

I ended up going home at 3.30, but it went 2 hours, 3 hours, and the power was still out. Everywhere in town. We got some dinner cooked on a neighbours gas barbecue, but the boys were a little spooked, especially as it got dark.

We haven’t had a blackout this long since we moved here. Still don’t know what happened, and thought we were getting an allnighter, but suddenly the power came back at 8pm. There had been a lot of storms about, but no idea what caused this.

But as an bonus, Wests bear Parramatta 31-18. Closer than it should have been, but still a good win. Power came back just in time!

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