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New things, returning things and ending things

Only a brief today since I’ve spent most of it driving to Sydney. But the biggest news today was I guess the new Pope, Francis, from Argentina, who I thought would be the first non-European Pope ever, but instead is actually the first in 1200 years. The things you learn…

Most exciting news for me was the appearance of the Kickstarter project for a Veronica Mars movie, run by creator Rob Thomas with Kristen Bell also on board. They reached their $2 million goal in 12 hours, so should have $10+ million to film by mid year. I should through in $10 for that one… Very exciting project for many reasons!

And Google have announced they’re shutting down their Reader app for some reason. Which kind of sucks since I use it daily, but there are alternatives of course. They might reverse the decision too… And so it goes…

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