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End of a big week

Now that’s the end of a long, big week. It was never tough per se, but it was long, and busy, and tiring, and now that it’s over I just want to make sleep the highest priority!

Got the Google Teacher application in, am seriously looking at one other job related thing, and loads of work projects of course. New desktops arrived that have been going around, and next week comes the big DER laptop shipment…

At home, the main thing will be my writing again. Slacked a bit on the novel in the last week, but once sleep is recovered that’s where I will be…

And the rain… it poured and poured today, so much so people outside of town either couldn’t get to work or can’t get home. Looks like it will be another weekend of this:


But the more they do, the better they get, and the smarter it is for them 🙂


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